Android Timeline

Timeline of events

October 2004: idea conceived; informal agreement to proceed with project

January- June 2005: android head constructed in Dallas, Texas ; AI routines developed in Memphis; soundproof room constructed in Memphis

June 2005 – android head taken to Memphis, where it was combined with the AI and the room

June 24-26 2005: Android appears at NextFest 2005 at Navy Pier, Chicago, where it meets with MythBusters

June 29-30 2005: Android makes public appearance at Fedex Institute of Technology, Memphis

July 9-13 2005: Android appears at AAAI in Pittsburgh; talks with passersby, visitors, and judges; wins Robotics Open Interaction Award

July 14 2005: Android appears at ComicCon in San Diego to promote new Warner Brothers’ film, A Scanner Darkly, answers questions from the audience

August 6, 2005: Android showcased at White Linen Night in New Orleans

September 30 2005: Android appears at art display in Dallas, Texas.

December 2010: Android head rebuilt in Amsterdam

December 2010: Launch of “The Owl in Daylight – Philip K Dick is Here” documentary