Special thanks to the Philip K. Dick Trust for their support and cooperation during this project. Please take a moment to visit the official website for Philip K. Dick.

Project Development Team

Member Contribution
David Hanson Initiated PKD robot project; project lead; created PKD sculpture, skin, and major system designs; built considerable part of robot.
Andrew Olney Project software development manager and lead developer; provided AI systems; derived the robots personality from PKD’s writings; integrated voice, speech, vision and AI software.
Steve Prilliman Chief JoAT (jack of all trades). Helped define requirements, design mechanical systems, and build the PKD robot.
Eric Mathews Handled project logistics for the FedEx Institute of Technology.
Bill Hicks Robot production line engineer. Helped implement hardware designs
Richard Berg Primary mechanical systems CAD design
Michael O’Neil Set construction
Derek Hammons Software coding assistant
Jeongsik Sin Eye mechanism CAD design
Woo Ho Lee Eye mechanism CAD design
Heather Beardsley Neck mechanism CAD design
Mei-Hwa Huang Vision system software integration
Alex Pereira Software coding assistant
Elaine Hanson Associate JoAT (jack of all trades).
Amanda Fisher Associate JoAT (jack of all trades).
Kristen Nelson Led the set design and drafting, co-conceptualizing
Steve Aydt Helped author and edit the robot script.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporation Contribution to the Project
Direct Dimensions Laser scanned robot skull and provided digital file for CAD development.
Acapela Babs voice Ryan-the synthesized voice of PKD-A.
Multimodal Technologies Automatic speech recognizer


Advisor Contribution
Paul Williams Served as expert consultant on the design of the robot and its personality
Harry Stephanou PKD-A Collaborator through ARRI
Raul Fernandez Leader of ARRI mechanical design team.
Dan Popa Vision system software manager
Art Graesser Intelligent systems advisor
Lou Schwartz Project operations assistance and advice.
Dennis Robbins Project operations assistance and advice.
Dennis Kratz Literary consultation.
Steve Wallach Hanson Robotics advisor and advisor to the PKD-A project.
Yoseph Bar-Cohen Project advisor.
Tom Linehan Aesthetics of technology, advisor.
Tommy Palotta Artistic and philosophic advisor

Special Thanks

Who Contribution
The Philip K. Dick Estate Guidance on Philip K Dick’s life
Victor White Expertise on polymer processes
Cognitec Systems Provided their facial recognition software
Nevenvision Provided their Facial feature tracker (fft) SDK for testing
Massive Software Consulted on muscle/animation intelligence.
Josh from Smoothon Loaned us sculpture tools.
Mitch and Michelle Rogers Casting of PKD/A body and arms
Marshall Yount Project advisor and visionary
Forrest Jackson Friend of the PKD-A, provided rare PKD books for reference.
Jonathan Nelson Project website support, set construction, Nextfest presenter
Will Lancaster Project website support, set construction, Nextfest presenter
Sarah Petschonek Website author, set construction, Nextfest presenter.
Suresh Susarla Video support
Mike Rowe Manual labor, heavy lifting, and moral support
Marge Zielke Leading human subject tests at UTD using Hanson Robotics robots.