A large number of people and organisations made the Philip K Dick android a reality.

The original idea and vision came from David Hanson.

David Hanson also built the head, painstakingly recreating the likeness of the late science fiction author from photographs, and turning that sculpture into a robotic head with motors and levers that could be controlled remotely. Hanson also built a poseable body so that the android looked like a complete human.

Andrew Olney created a network of AI routines that not only allowed the android to hold a natural conversation, but that interfaced with the hardware (the head, the camera, and the speaker) and synchronised the hardware routines (such as lip movement and turning the head to face the visitor) and the software.

Mike O’Nele devoted his summer to building a room in the style of a 70′s bungalow like the one Dick himself lived in.

Many others played a role and their contribution should not go unacknowledged. For a full list of credits, visit our credit page.