Build a robot

Build your own robot

if you understand LINUX and have some experience with circuitry and computer networks, you might be able to create your own version of the Philip K Dick android. Andrew Olney, the lead software engineer, has made a lot of the source code open source. It is available at his site.

Unfortunately some of the components of the android were proprietary software, so he is unable to make them free for downloading and distribution. However, with some diligence and tinkering, you might be able to have Phil talking to you from your own computer.

There are lots of excellent resources online for building your own robot.

A system used in some classes at the University of Memphis is Lego Mindstorms; however with a bit of knowhow and perseverence you should be able to make a robot just from simple parts from an electronic store. After all, it’s not the parts that are important, it’s how they’re put together.